A bit about who we are, our background, and why we devote our time to FOG.


Anne Sites

Secretary, Financial & Projects Director

RPCV Sareboido and N’Zerekore, Guinea 1994-1996.  Senior Manager and Country Lead for Ethiopia, National Alliance for State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD). Reside in Augusta, Maine with Jody Sites (RPCV, Beyla, Guinea 1994-1996) and our two children. Why FOG?  Volunteering with FOG keeps me connected to Guinea!  Being a part of FOG allows me to contribute in a meaningful way to health and development projects in Guinea, connect with current and newly COS Guinea PCVs, and advocate for improved community health among all Guineans.



Teresa Pope

Communications & Advocacy

RPCV Donghol Touma (Pita) ’01 – ’02. Domestic engineer living in Clearwater, Florida with my husband and 2 children. My husband, Curtis, while not a RPCV, traveled with me in 2006 to see my village and meet my friends in Guinea. He assists me with some of the technical pieces of my FOG duties, and is generally supportive of my efforts to dress the family in indigo for special occasions.  I volunteer for FOG as a way to stay connected with Guinea, PCVs and RPCVs, and to repay the thousands of acts of kindness that Guineans bestowed upon me during my 2 years of service.  I try to live out the Peace Corps’ third goal whenever possible, to the extent that my daughter was surprised to learn that I was not actually born in Guinea.



Marc Dysart


RPCV Lelouma Math Teacher, Guinea 1994-1996.  Software Designer and Developer living in Denver, CO.   Guineans taught me how to look at life and were a big influence in a major point in my life.



Alex Yalch


Alex Yalch is the Membership Director for Friends of Guinea. He spent his childhood wandering the Appalachian Mountains, fishing for rainbow trout and exploring the unscathed regions of its wilderness. After college he filled a backpack and headed to Guinea, West Africa, for a stint as a Peace Corps volunteer. He currently lives in Chapel Hill, NC working for an international nonprofit. Even up until the moment of writing this sentence, he believes Peace Crops Guinea was the greatest and most influential experience of his life.



Hannah Koeppl

Newsletter Editor/Social Media

Hannah Koeppl graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2012 earning her bachelor’s degree in Biological sciences and French and Francophone studies. She served as a Peace Corps physics education volunteer from 2013 to 2014. She is currently the communications assistant for Friends of Guinea and the NPCA Ebola Relief Fund liasion. She resides in the northern suburbs on Chicago.


Lillian Mattiaccio


Lillian served as a health education/community development Peace Corps volunteer in Marela, Guinea. She continued her work in Conakry, Guinea with CEPTAFE, a local organization focusing on combating FGM. Her Peace Corps experience really was “the toughest job you’ll ever love” and gave her the confidence to accomplish just about anything. She is delighted to reconnect with Guinea and the Peace Corps through FOG. Lillian currently lives in Washington, DC and works in the field of international education.


Previous FOG Officers

A list of those who have devoted their time and energies to FOG in the past… We thank them for their service!

  • Ryan Plesh –  Newsletter Editor & Social Media
  • Betty Walker – Parent Support
  • Amy Daffe – Webmaster and Communications Director
  • Mackenzie Dabo – Newsletter Editor
  • Urska Manners – Listserv Administrator
  • Pat Barron – Secretary
  • JanRose Ottaway Martin – Financial
  • Donald Parker – Projects
  • Shad Engkilterra – Financial
  • Diane Carlson – Parent Support
  • Meghan Greeley – Parent Support
  • Rita Gerlach – Newsletter Distribution
  • Karen Star – Webmaster
  • Brian Clappier – Membership
  • Katalina Estrada – Secretary
  • Rosemarie Rose – Communications
  • Sharon Buehler – Parent Support
  • Stephanie Chasteen – Secretary, webmaster
  • Claire Lea – Projects Director
  • Brian Farenell – Communications Director
  • Nathan Shepherd – Webmaster 2005-2009
  • Woody Colahan – Newsletter Editor 2001-2008
  • Annie Kneedler – Secretary 2006-2007
  • Emily Ramshur – Membership Director
  • Kristen O’Planick – Advocacy Director 2006-2007
  • John Taylor – Webmaster 2007
  • Jody Sites – Financial Officer (2004-2007)