Mission of Friends of Guinea

Friends of Guinea (FOG) is a volunteer-run organization consisting mainly of current and former Peace Corps volunteers serving  in Guinea, and their friends and families that aims to:

1. Be the networking resource for current and former Peace Corps Volunteers serving in Guinea.

2. Partner with Peace Corps Staff and Volunteers to provide information to prospective volunteers, support volunteer projects, and circulate information about current events in Guinea.

3. Work towards the long-term development of Guinea by supporting and initiating worthy projects.

4. Disseminate cultural information about Guinea, its people, and their customs in order to facilitate intercultural understanding.

History of Friends of Guinea

When Stephanie Chasteen joined the Peace Corps in the late 1990s, like most volunteers, she wanted to stay connected with her family and friends. Since this was prior to Facebook, she arranged for an online web blog (of sorts) to document her service in Guinea. The community of support persisted when she completed her service, and in 1999 she and her group of returning PCVs launched what eventually became Friends of Guinea in 2001.

The website went up soon afterwards, as did FOG’s affiliation with the National Peace Corps Association, a national group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. From its humble origins in 1999, Friends of Guinea has expanded to include over 230 members, and has handled tens of thousands of dollars of donations, passing them on to worthy projects in Guinea. FOG maintains an extensive website receiving over 700 visits each month, various social media sites, and publishes  a quarterly newsletter, Ça Va?, for its members. In addition, the FOG leadership team fields questions from around the globe from its membership and others interested in Guinea.

Legal information

Friends of Guinea is a non-profit affiliate group of the National Peace Corps Association.