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FOG Membership


Volunteer with FOG

Friends of Guinea wouldn’t exist without its many volunteers, donors, officers, and other hangers-on. We’re always looking for people for short or long-term projects. Helping us with our mission doesn’t have to take a lot of time.


Volunteer with Friends of Guinea


Submit content for the FOG website

The FOG webmaster tries to make sure our webpage remains as up-to-date as possible about volunteer activities, Peace Corps Guinea, and life in Guinea in general. We’re looking for anything related to on-the-ground Guinea that could spice up our site. (Just because you don’t already see it doesn’t mean it’s not welcome.) Specifically, we would love the following:

  • Upload Photos of Guinea, PCVs in Guinea, or RPCVs from Guinea
  • Send us recipes of Guinean food
  • Send us News articles related to Guinea, PCVs, or RPCVs in the news
  • Send us links to Guinea-related items
  • Add to our information about Guinea’s culture
  • Join one of the small groups of Guinea RPCVs

Please submit all content for our website to


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We make a commission on all purchases made through the following companies, when linked through this page. Amazon sells a huge variety of stuff, including clothes, electronics, toys, cameras, computers, tools, office products, cellphones/service, software and video games. Buying through this link on these bigger ticket items will give a substantial donation to FOG! A note on bookmarking

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Direct Donations

Donations go towards supporting projects in-country, such as the popular Gender Conferences, and other FOG sponsored projects, from library books to health centers.


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Support other RPCV groups

From calendars and cookbooks to African bou-bous, support these other RPCV groups’ merchandise.


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