Here you will find information about Peace Corps in Guinea; its’ history, how to contact them, and other information related to the current Peace Corps mission in Guinea.

History of the Peace Corps in Guinea

Peace Corps signed a cooperation agreement with the government of Guinea in 1962, which forms the basis for our current country program.


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Humor from Peace Corps Guinea

Peace Corps volunteers do serious work, but that doesn’t mean they’re always straight-faced and scowling. Read about that unique, fanciful, and sometimes depraved sense of humor that comes to Guinea Peace Corps Volunteers.


Humor from Peace Corps Guinea


Letters from Volunteers


Letters from Travelers


Mail, phones, and useful addresses in Guinea

With cell phones and P.O. boxes, communication gets easier and easier. Find out how to navigate the few remaining hurdles and bumps to stay in touch with friends and family while in Guinea.


Useful Contact Info in Guinea


RPCV Merchandise

Cookbooks, calendars, shirts, jewelry and more. 


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Who is going to Guinea (and can carry courier)?

Mail is unpredictable.  Find out if anybody is going to Guinea and can deliver a package for you.


Who’s Going to Guinea?


Visiting Guinea

So, you’re going to Guinea? Check here for travel and living tips and to start planning your trip.


Tips for Visiting Guinea


Parents and Friends of Volunteers

All our resources for Parents and Friends of volunteers


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Departing Peace Corps Volunteers

A wealth of information for those considering spending 2 years of their life in Guinea. We did!


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Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Resources available for RPCVs, such as reunions and career resources.


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