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Notes on the Newsletter

We have been sending the FOG newsletter regularly to PCVs in Guinea since 2004. Because PCVs receive our newsletter, parents and friends can send little messages to PCVs in it through our free classified ads, as long as they are a member of FOG. Most of our members aren’t aware of this! Let your parents and friends know! They will just need to send an email to newsletter@friendsofguinea.org


Guinea Parent Support (GPS)

Pioneered by a PCV mom, this is a network for parents to share stories, concerns, support, and practical tips.

Get involved!

Make connections through various Peace Corps and Guinea services.


Get Involved


Mail, phones, and addresses

Notes on the mail, phones, and email in Guinea, including cheap calling plans and the ingredients of a perfect care package. Also useful addresses and contacts.


Useful Contact info in Guinea


Visiting Guinea

A wealth of information on airfare, visas, health precautions, what to bring to villagers, everything!

 Also, read some PCV letters and Family Visits to Guinea.


Visiting Guinea      



Find answers to your pressing questions!


Questions and Answers from Parents and Friends