Friends of Guinea is very interested in working with current Peace Corps volunteers on development projects, or to help keep their lives sane in any way! Email us at info @

PC House and Office Improvements

We are open to working with the Volunteer Action Committee for improvements around the PC Houses or offices. In the past we sent a huge selection of videotapes to the Conakry house. Do you have suggestions or questions? Email us at info @


We have funded many projects sponsored by PCVs. All projects under $200 are funded automatically — larger ones take a little discussion but have historically been funded without problem. See all FOG sponsored projects.

In order to have a project funded by FOG, you must do the following:

  1. Contact the projects officer at projects @ to indicate your interest in having a project funded by FOG. Please include basic information on where the project is, how much money you would request, and when you would need it funded by.
  2. Begin the process of completing the PCPP application. Unfortunately FOG can only donate money through PCPP! Thus, you must complete their application and have the CD sign-off on the project. While you do this, FOG can fundraise for your project.
  3. On your PCPP application, mark FRIENDS OF GUINEA as the contact person in the US.
  4. Send your PCPP application by email to OPSI and cc: to projects @ This is very important, or else we don’t know you have submitted your project. It is also important that you tell OPSI that this is a FOG sponsored project so they know to coordinate with us.
  5. FOG will send money immediately to OPSI and you should have your check within a month.

We have also funded the Girls/Gender Conferences 3 years in a row, sending $7000-10,000 for use in these conferences.