There are two ways to get a visa to Guinea, via mail at the Washington DC Guinea Embassy, or in person at the NYC Guinean Consulate (and possibly in person at the DC Embassy as well).

In either case, you will need to Visa Application Form, which can be downloaded here:

Visa Application 2004 (63.01 kB)


There is also a Current Visa Application on Guinea Embassy’s website.

Contact the Guinean Embassy in Washington for current requirements.

As of December 2012, here are the visa requirements.

  1. $100.00 for the visa fee (money order or cash, cannot be a personal check)
  2. Two completed visa applications (click here for .pdf of visa application)
  3. Passport valid for at least 6 months from the end of your visit with at least two blank pages
  4. Two passport photos
  5. International Vaccination Card showing vaccination for yellow fever
  6. Cover letter stating the purpose of your travel or an “invitation” from a Guinean to come visit.
  7. If visiting a PCV, you should also include a cover letter from the Peace Corps. Ask your PCV for information or current contact person.
  8. A self addressed stamped envelope to return your passport (you may also use a Fed Ex envelope for speedy return)
  9. For a Guinean Visa you need to have 6 months left on your passport after you leave the country. So check your passport expiration date.

You may mail everything to:

Embassy of the Republic of Guinea
2112 Leroy Street NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 986-4300

If you choose to go in person to the NYC Consulate, located at 45 W 34th Street, NY, NY 10001 (just a short walk from Grand Central Station), you should bring all of the items with you and be prepared to possibly leave your passport overnight and pick it up the next business day. Many times, however, if you arrive early enough in the day and are nice enough to the woman working at the desk, you can leave with your passport and visa within a few hours.

Past Experiences:

October 2003: One parent says: “Travel tip I was unaware of: when applying for a passport, you need the ‘long’ form of your birth certificate. Evidently, certificates that say ‘abstract’ on them or have a baby footprint on them are not acceptable. [The certificates] ‘must have the seal’ I was told by our post office.”

In July, 2000, a brief survey of travelers indicated that it is all right for the visa applicant simply to write a letter explaining that he or she is a tourist. Send this to the Guinean embassy along with a visa application.

In July 2001, a frequent traveler said: “There is no need to pay an expediter fee for Guinea. Send a self- addressed, stamped legal-sized envelope to: Ambassade de République de Guinée 2112 Leroy Place North West Washington, DC 20008 requesting a visa application form. You need to submit this in triplicate with original signatures, with passport sized photo on each and $45 (if you’re American citizen) money order (NO checks) with your passport & yellow fever proof of vaccination, a letter stating your reason for visiting, and stamped return envelope. The instructions will tell you to send a letter of invitation from someone in Guinea, but this is not necessary. It usually takes them less than a week to process. Their telephone number is 202-483-9420. Guinea is a financially poor country; it is unlikely the embassy is going to return a FAX.” This fee is now $100.

Leave plenty of time, send the application and passport(s) registered mail. If you have someone in the DC area who can either drop off or pick up, even better.