We’re always looking for people for short or long-term projects. Friends of Guinea wouldn’t exist without its many volunteers, donors, officers, and other hangers-on. Helping us with our mission doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

Here is a list of our volunteers, members, and donors.

You can Join FOG or Support Us (by direct donation, or buying things through Amazon on our site.  Also see our Amazon Book Recommendations. )

To volunteer, please contact us at info@friendsofguinea.org

General Volunteer Opportunities

  • Working on Projects
  • Compiling the Newsletter
  • Updating the Website
  • Maintaining the Email Lists
  • Contacting RPCVs
  • Organizing Reunions
  • Advocacy and Campaigns

Members at Large

Members at Large are not elected, and serve in a smaller capacity than fulltime officers. They may help us on a consulting basis, or for specific short-term projects, or work more hours than elected officers! These are flexible positions and allow people with different skills and interest levels to help us out.

Members at Large positions:

  • Advocacy Coordinator
  • Projects helpers (people to research projects we may fund)
  • Web Development Consultant and Aid
  • Newsletter Writers

We also need people for the following short-term tasks:

  • Sell and ship the RPCV Calendars (once a year, Oct/Nov)
  • Help FOG with Incorporation

Officers/Board Members

Officers are elected once a year and serve a one-year term.

Officer positions in FOG

We are always looking for Officers or Board Members — people to really take the reins and help direct our activities. These are time-consuming positions, but very rewarding. We constantly get positive feedback on what FOG has done, and how it has impacted people’s lives. Even if the position is filled this year, there’s no doubt we’ll be looking for someone for next year! Even if you don’t think you have any particular skills, it’s certain we can use your time and energy. And if you do have a particular skill (databasing, web development, accounting, legal knowledge) — all the better! We’ll create a position for you if we have to.

We particularly welcome those who are interested in serving in a directorial capacity — not involved in the mundane workings of FOG such as membership, but directing the organization in a more oversight capacity (deciding which projects to fund, our policies and such). That leaves the petty officers free to do their duties!